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Temporary admission for Australian passport holders

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Australian passport holders require a Visa to enter Chile as tourists.

Travellers are obliged to apply for a Visa prior to arrival.

Transitory permit Visa allows foreigners citizens to visit Chile for up to 90 days for recreational, sports, health, study, business, family or other similar purposes.

To apply for the Multiple Entry Visa, or Transit Visa 8 to 72 hours, Australian passport holders must submit a visa application on the following website:


- Visa Application Form, selecting the nearest Chilean Consulate

- Colour Photograph, (5×5 cm, with a white background, passport regulations)

- Passport. It must be valid for at least 270 days as from the date of arrival in Chile

- A reservation or ticket out of Chile, or documents of the vehicle to be used to leave Chile.

- Medical certificate, indicating that the person does not have infectious diseases.

- Proof of accommodation in Chile (Letter of invitation before a notary public, or hotel/lodge reservation that can be verified).

In case a letter of invitation is presented from a Chilean resident, it must be signed before a Chilean notary public, addressing the relationship, with contact details of the inviter to corroborate the information. If they are relatives, they must also present birth or marriage certificates that attest the relationship. If they are not relatives, means proof of the relationship between invitee and inviter.

- Documentation to accredit financial solvency.

It can be credit card account statements of credit in US dollars, or the last 3 salary settlements, or annual report of payment of taxes for the last year, or retirement settlements, or savings accounts, or term deposits, or vehicles and/or properties of which the usufruct is proven. It is not necessary to present all the aforementioned documents, but those that the applicant submits that demonstrate that he/she will effectively be solvent during his/her stay in Chile. Banknotes or bank statements will not be accepted, unless they are the last 12 statement summaries. Only in the case of persons under 18 years old, the solvency of a third party will be accepted, for which, in addition to the solvency of the third party, documentation that attests the relationship with the minor, must be presented.

- Consent letter for children travelling alone (persons under 18 years old): A letter that demonstrates that children travelling alone have permission to travel to Chile, from one of the parents or guardians. They must present a travel permit from their mother, father, or legal guardian, apostilled or with the stamp of local legalization. If not, the travel permit must be legalized by the mother, or father, or guardian, at the nearest Chilean Consulate.

* The Consulates may summon people to an interview to collect additional information.

* In case Visa is approved, the person will receive an E-VISA, in the email informed in the Visa Application Form, prior payment, which is valid for up to 90 days as from the date the traveler arrives in Chile.

* Once Visa is granted, the person will have 90 days to enter Chile.

* In Chile, the person may request the extension of the Visa in Immigration Services, for an additional 90 days period. The website to this procedure is