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Frequently asked questions on the ban of entry to non-resident foreign people

Frequently asked questions on the ban of entry to non-resident foreign people

1- Who can enter the country during the ban of entry to non-resident foreigners?
A: Chileans and foreigners with residence in Chile.

2- While the ban on entry is in force, who cannot enter Chile?
A: Foreigners who are not residents in the country will not be allowed to enter.

3- I am a foreigner, I don't have a residence yet, but I had to leave the country. Can I return during the entry ban?
A: If your application for residence or definitive stay has been entered for processing, you must wait for the authorities to inform you if you will be able to re-enter Chile.

If you still haven't received confirmation from the Foreign Ministry that your application has been processed, you cannot re-enter Chile.

4- I have a stamped residence visa, can I enter Chile?
A: Those who have stamped consular residence visas, but have not yet made an effective entry to Chile, may not do so while the restriction of the authority lasts.

Those who are already residents in Chile, before the closing of the borders, and have the residence visas stamped in their passports, may enter the country.

5- Will there be an extension of the deadline for entry of the Democratic Responsibility Visas, in cases where it cannot be met due to the closure of borders?
A: In case the deadline for entry to Chile in your residence visa has expired while the ban is in force, consult with the Consulate of Chile closest to you about alternatives to your case. Wait until the borders are reopened.

6- What happens to foreigners who are in Chile for tourism, whose visas are about to expire and their flights are cancelled in order to return to their countries?
A: For those who will leave Chile by air: There is an office of the Department of Foreigners and Immigration (DEM), located on the 2nd floor of the airport that will evaluate case by case and resolve according to the information presented.

For those who will leave Chile by land, they must approach the governorships or intendancies of the regions in which they are located.

7- Can commercial airlines make stops in Chile during this period? What happens to these passengers?
A: Transit passengers of foreign nationality will be accepted at the airport in connection with other countries (stopovers). The passengers must remain in the transit area and will not be allowed to enter the national territory, therefore, they must not go to the entry controls of the PDI.